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An unknown woman drowned in the Seine

100 years ago, a young woman is found drowned in the Seine, a mysterious smile on her face. Who was she? What secret was she hiding? Follow detective Valentin, in charge of the investigation, and try to solve the mystery!

Seven suspects, one secret

Based on a true story

gravure statue en noir et blanc, le visage d'une femme les yeux fermés

The protagonist of Rainer Maria Rilke's only novel, Die Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids Brigge (1910), reflects:

“The caster I visit every day has two masks hanging next to his door. The face of the young one who drowned, which someone copied in the morgue because it was beautiful, because it was still smiling, because its smile was so deceptive – as though it knew.”

The dead body of a woman found in the river, the strange and mysterious look on her face attracts attention.
No one knows who she is. She is eventually named “L'inconnue de la Seine” (the unknown woman of the Seine)...


The death mask of the young woman becomes famous in turn and inspired poets and writers for years.

Later on, it serves as a model for the face of Resusci Anne, the first aid mannequin created in the 1960s.

Therefore, the face has been called by some "the most kissed face" of all time.

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